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    Top Hand Creams in the Market that is 100% All-Natural

    Nowadays, we all want all-natural organic products. From the food we eat to the beauty products that we put on our face, and skin, to the food supplements that we take in order to be healthier and stronger. This lead to the influx of various companies who are now engaging in all-natural product and chemical free goods, selling them to people who wants to have as much organic products as possible. This will also hold true to hand creams.

    People turn on to hand creams or hand lotions whenever their hands get dry and rough. They splurge on this beauty product especially when their hands show signs of ageing, roughness and scaling, and of neglect. As mentioned before, our skin, despite being the largest organ in our body is often neglected, especially the skin on our hands. Using a hand cream improves the ability of our skin to heal itself and promotes elasticity. These products also improve the texture and tone of our skin, while protecting it from the harsh elements.

    Now while there are hundreds of beauty brands that floods the market today, all promising smoother and softer hands, we must be wary of the kind of hand cream that we purchase. According to handcreamreviews.com, buying hand creams not suitable for your skin type may not cause irritation but is just a waste of money. Other creams contain ingredients that may cause allergies and may not help you improve your skin at all.

    Sure, there are brands that despite having synthetic ingredients can tremendously help you improve the skin on your hands. Most these known brands have parabens, phthalates, dioxane, propylene glycol, triclosan and some hard to remember ingredients. If you think the brands that you are using works for you despite having these ingredients, then fine, however, here are some of the top hand creams in the market containing natural ingredients. They are safer to use and its ingredients give a lot of benefits to our skin.natural hand cream

    List of Top Hand Creams That is 100% Natural

    Here are the top hand creams that are absolutely chemical-free. Please note that these are not in any particular order:

    1. Neal’s Yard Citrus Hand Softener

    This citrusy lotion is guaranteed to be 100% pure organic. It keeps hand soft and supple while giving your hand that refreshing feeling. Neal’s Yard Citrus Hand Softener is perfect when used after a good night shower and just before you retire to bed. This creamy solution guarantees to give you sweet smelling, softer and young looking hands.

    2. AYA Natural Moisturizing Hand Cream

    This hand cream contains no alcohol, SLS, sulfates and artificial fragrances. It has all the goodness of natural ingredients yet the efficacy of chemical laden hand creams. It works for both men and women. This hand cream is suitable for people with dry and rough hands, and those who want to get rid of skin inflammation and itching.

    3. Peter Lamas Spa Sensuals Intensive Repair Hand Cream

    This hand cream is 100% free from parabens and any pythochemicals that may have adverse effect to our skin. It has 100% organic ingredients giving you a greaseless feel and is safe to use on your hands. Its intensive repair properties make it ideal for those with very dry and rough skin. The company that manufactures this product assures customers that it 100% vegan and cruelty-free product.

    4. Crabtree + Evelyn: Gardeners Hand Cream

    As the name suggests, this hand cream contains all the goodness of natural ingredients which give a lot benefits to our skin. It has essential oils from lavender, sage, rosemary, green cover and thyme. It has antibacterial properties thanks to the essential oils which can lock the moisture effectively and at the same time combat bacteria that may irritate our hands. This product is perfect for those who have worn hands, as it fight off roughness and dryness effectively.

    5. Thesis Organic Hand & Body Cream

    If you are looking for an all around cream that contains no chemicals and artificial fragrance, then this hand and body cream is for you. It is so rich that you only need a small amount yet easy to spread all over your hands. For those with sensitive skin, this moisturizing cream will win you over. Thesis Organic Hand & Body Cream guarantees that it is 100% chemical and added scent free, making it safe to use, even for those with ultra sensitive skin.

    6. Beefayre “Bee Kind” Rosemary and Neroli

    This English product contains Shea butter, vitamin E and cocoa. It does not have any chemicals like sulfates and parabens, giving you a grease-free sensation when you lather it over your hands. It follows strict ethical standards that animal testing is strongly discouraged by this company, giving you a guilt free feeling when you purchase this moisturizing product.

    7. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

    Made down under, this Australian product contains organic botanical ingredients. This all natural hand cream has a flowery and citrusy fragrance, giving a relaxing feeling when you use it over your hands. Aside from giving you a refreshing feels, this product is an effective moisturizing agent, perfect for those who needs immediate rehydration on their skin.

    8. Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Hand Lotion

    This is another British-made natural hand lotion that follows strict ethical standard. It is known for being a crusader against animal cruelty but is renowned for being an effective moisturizing lotion, perfect for dry and rough skin, begging to be hydrated. It has a special scent to it but do not worry, it is not overpowering, in fact, its scent gives you that refreshing sensation.

    Conclusion and Word of Advise

    Actually there are lots of chemical free, all natural organic hand cream and lotions in the market today. All you have to do is do a little research on the best product that will suit your skin and your need. However, despite being an all natural product, it is not a guarantee that it is hypoallergenic. Check the label and see if there are any ingredients that you may be allergic to.

    When buying these products, follow the instructions and avoid anything that may aggravate the condition of your skin. As much as possible avoid strong and harsh soaps and sanitizers, these products strip the moisture on your skin. Wear gloves when it is cold outside as cold wind can dry your hands faster than you think.

    Bonus Tip: Check the Package

    Before I forget, check the expiration dates of these products when buying them. You should avoid products that are already way beyond their expiration dates. These might have some irreversible effect on your skin. Paying special attention to this seemingly small detail will save you money.