Why You Need to Have a Water Dispenser With Mini Fridge

We all need clean, fresh and safe water in order to survive. It quenches our thirst, and helps the body function. If we consume less water, we can become dehydrated and if we consume water that is not clean or water that is contaminated, it will cause serious problems. Luckily, there are ways to get clean water and one of them is having a water dispenser.  There are lots of these models in the market today, you have plethora of brands, types and sizes, and one of them is an innovative water dispenser with mini fridge.

As we all know, water act as a medium of transport for the nutrients that passes through our body. It helps us excrete waste and having clean water everyday keeps us nourished as well as hydrated. We need at least 8 glasses of clean water every day, some may consume more depending on our activities. To ensure that you consume the recommended daily intake of water, it needs to be available and has to be cool enough for you to drink. One of the best ways to increase your water intake, water that is clean and readily available, is by having a water dispenser at home.

With a water dispenser, you do not need to open your refrigerator to have a glass of cold water, all you need to do is push a button and you have a glass of cool or cold water. Yes, tap water is also available but water coming straight from taps may contain contaminants that could lead to diarrhea and other water borne diseases. It pays to safe than sorry.water dispenser with mini  fridge

What are the Types of Water Dispenser for Home?

Actually there are many types of water dispensers in the market today. Each has its own unique features and innovative technology. Each has its own advance feature that increases its functionality. Depending on what you need or what your requirement is, you can select from one of the following type:

Countertop water coolers

According to WaterZI (WZI), countertop water coolers are perfect for house with small spaces. This is ideal for those who do not have enough space for a full sized bottle dispenser. This is typically set on top if a counter and can hold a 5gallon water bottle. It is easy to maintain and may come with various options like cold and hot water, or just cool water.

Filtered water coolers

As the name suggests, this water dispenser is equipped with a filter. It eliminates the presence of contaminants and unpleasant smell. It purifies water and sends the water to a reservoir. And when you press the cold or hot button, clean, filtered cold or hot water comes out. Some models uses different type of filter especially if their tap water has chemicals and other substances. One model of this filtered water cooler has activated carbon filter that is effective against chemicals and small particles.

Point of Use Water dispenser

For people who do not want any bottled water lying around or hates to pour water bottles to water dispensers regularly, this type of water dispenser is best for you. It is connected to a water supply like your tap. It filters water, store and gives cold water at a push of a button. Installing this eliminates your monthly bottled water bill.

Then there is your water dispenser with mini fridge. This modern water dispenser has the convenience of a water dispenser and the technology of a refrigerator. It provides cold and hot water, something which ordinary refrigerator can’t do. And at the same time, it is capable of storing small bottles, foods and other liquid beverages.

Models for water dispenser with mini fridge may differ but the functionality is relatively the same. Some has a cooling capacity of up to 2 liters per hour, and can heat water at 5 liters per hour. Some can cool and heat water at an even faster rate. So whatever fancies you, you have the different types of brands and models for a water dispenser with mini refrigerator.

What are the advantages of having a water dispenser with mini fridge? Is it for me?

Think of having a water filtering system, an appliance that dispense hot or cold water at a push of a button, and an appliance that can store small bottles and foods like your ordinary fridge, rolled into one. These features are just some of the benefits of having a water dispenser with a mini fridge below it. Not only that it has the functionality of a small refrigerator, it also filters and purifies your water, giving you clean, crisp and fresh water anytime.

Moreover, water dispenser with mini fridge is smaller as compared to your home refrigerator. It means you can load it on your truck and bring it along when going for a trip. No need to worry about damaging your refrigerator from constant opening and closing its door for water and smaller foods, your water dispenser with mini ref can do exactly what your ref can.

Final thoughts

Water dispenser is just one of the many innovative appliances we have today. Depending on what you really need in terms of water consumption, the quality of your water, etc., the kind of water dispenser will also vary.   Some may need to have a smaller sized water dispenser while others may have to use a dispenser capable of storing a full sized water gallon. Still, other people may need to have water dispenser with mini refrigerator for them to store smaller bottles of sodas, juices, foods and the likes.

Furthermore, the availability of your space plays an important role in having the kind or type of water dispenser you need to buy. If you have adequate space, a big water dispenser may be okay, but if you limited space in your house, you may think of getting a smaller water dispenser enough to accommodate your daily water intake but won’t take much space.

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